Grade 6 Business Maths

In the last few weeks my grade 6 student took on the joys and delights of grade 6 business maths. We learnt about percentages, interest, tax, retailers, consumers, suppliers, profit, bank loans...... much of the learning was through discussion and drawing pictures or diagrams, for example the life cycle of a skate board, from the forest (natural resource) and logging factory (supplier) where the skate board started it's life, to the boy (the consumer) skating on his brand new skate board.......and  as well of course through many sums to practice the maths skills involved. 
Soon after the beginning of these discussions one particular playtime, the children asked if they could stay inside and get the much loved Kindergarten toys out..... before I knew it the classroom had been changed into a town, with a bank, shops, a newspaper and all sorts of wheeling and dealing going down between the banker, the shop owners and customers. My grade 6 student was of course the banker! This was Waldorf Homeschooling at it's absolute best and why I love my work so very much. The miniature town was created each day at lunchtime break for quite a few days and the game progressed: licences were needed for shop owners, the bank collected taxes and fines, the newspaper reported falling profits leading to the closure of the candle shop and buy outs by the bank. It was quite simply wonderful and amazing to watch these inventive children take the work of their grade 6 peer, their kindergarten Waldorf toys from days long gone and transform them all into a brilliant game that still goes on 6 weeks later........ the most frequently asked question in my classroom each day? Can we play shops today Mel? PLEASE!

The Banker

The Grocery Store

The Newspaper Editor