Over the years the homeschooling community in Dubai has been a strong and diverse group of people all striving to give their children an education that is in keeping with their own values and beliefs as parents.
The Waldorf Homeschooling Community is a small but growing part of that group of people with more and more families searching for an alternative to mainstream education. It can be a monumental step for many people to take, to leave behind the norms of mainstream education and plunge into the wonderful but sometimes uncertain world of homeschooling. But in places where options are limited it is often the only answer. That only answer can turn out to be a true gift in so many ways though and I urge all families who are interested in a Waldorf Education to really consider this option as a very real one. It can bring deep rewards, benefits and achievement for both children and parents. Homeschooling can happen on an individual family basis or in a group setting in a more collaborative nature, our group is an example of how hard work and commitment to something very important has created something very special. We are not unique though, what we have achieved can be done by others too. 
One member of our group is taking that on for her younger child, I applaud her determination to stand by her values and strive to bring what is important to her family to her young child. It is wonderful to see this Waldorf Community in Dubai grow further in strength and size. 


  1. Well said! It is great to know that Waldorf Ed is spreading and gaps are filling up so more kids get the chance to experience the goodness! Well done K&B!


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