Who Was Rudolf Steiner and What is Waldorf Education?

Below is a link to an excerpt from a recently released DVD made last year to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rudolf Steiner. The excerpt gives an informative yet immensely moving insight into the work of this great and learned philosopher. For people already familiar with Waldorf Edcucation the DVD provides a poignant reminder of why we have chosen this path for our children and ourselves. For those who seek to learn about Steiner and Waldorf Education for the first time, it is an excellent place to begin your search.


The next link is one to a short film that depicts the work of the Waldorf Teacher. Though the focus is on the teacher it gives a wonderful insight into Waldorf Education and how children are taught in a Waldorf School.



  1. Are these the recorder cases and knitting bags for the kids? Cool picture Mel.

  2. I just watched the film clip. I think I need to change careers... very cool work.

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