Waldorf Links

There is a vast array of information, resources and support available to us as educators and parents on the internet. In the 'links' below I have listed the ones that I use the most and highly recommend to you. They offer parenting support, inner development work, homeschooling curriculums, articles from master Waldorf teachers, Steiner bookstores, teacher training opportunities, enrichment courses etc etc. I hope that you find the links helpful.

Happy Easter to all readers and followers of our blog.


  1. Hello,

    How do we get in contact with you guys?



  2. Hi John Please reply to this comment with your email address and a brief message then we can contact you. Your details will not be published on the blog, they will only come to the moderators. Mel

  3. Could you also add waldorflibrary.org to the list? That's a huge and helpful resource.

  4. Hi Melodie

    I would also like to get in touch with you all to get more inputs on the Waldorf method and on homeschooling.



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