Spring at Acaciawood

lantern in the garden
Spring has sprung here in Dubai. Have a look at some of the pictures of the flora and fauna around the Acaciawood playgrounds and garden. The grade 3 class has just finished their house building project and the veggie patch is almost ready for harvest. Spring in Dubai is a beautiful place to be.

The nasturtiums did well this year right from seed. The raddishes, rocket, tomatos and peppers all did well. Beans and peas were eaten by insects right after germination. Mel is constantly working with the kids outside. This time of year is great for gardening with children.

The veggie garden in bloom

New seeds

Lettuce ready for harvest

Cotton seems to grow here as well. These seeds are from the Acaciawood French Teacher's collection. I think Valerie brought them back for Egypt.

Cotton still closed
Cotton has opened on this one

There is always plenty of rope and wood scraps out in the playground. The kids make endless different things out of these including tree forts and impromptu pieces of playground equipment.

Tree fort

view of the grade 3 house start of day 2

Playground with Desert rose

Practicing his circus skills

There are many creatures living in the Acaciawood yard, gnomes and tortises, dogs, chickens, and most recently a cat that moved into the chicken coop to give birth to a few kittens

The garden Gnome
a Gnome's view of the garden

There are three of these guys in the garden. I think this one is "Pickle"

We are starting to get quite a bit of house building expertise going here at Acaciawood, this will be the 4th house the parents and children have done. We have recycled the old Barasti house that the first Acaciawood Grade 3 class built and reused alot of the materials in the construction for this year's project. The boy's house from a couple years back is still rock solid and in being so different than that of the girl's new house, really shows the personalities and ideas behind the 4 fold development.

Grade 3 house building day 2

This house uses no nails, only lashings . Very sturdy.

This is the boys house project from 2 years back. They have added some personal touches with the Camel skull and bones.

The mud wasps have burrowed into the walls in many places
The interior of the boy's house

The interior of the girl's new house
Tom is a master at rope work. He taught the girls all kinds of knots to use on this project

Using the bamboo needle to tie the wall cladding to the frame
Adding the personal touches to the door


  1. These are beautiful pictures of our garden and school PJ, thank you for sharing them.


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