Gardening and farming are a very large and important part of the Waldorf Grade 3 curriculum. A 3rd grade child moves through significant changes in his consciousness, (commonly known as the 9 year change) from the dream spirit - filled state of early childhood to a separateness from his surroundings, both human and physical. Old testament stories are told describing man's decent from the garden of paradise to the earth, mirroring this same journey the children are making. The Waldorf curriculum at this time then serves to connect children consciously to their surroundings. By being involved in the experiences of house building, gardening and farming, the initial feelings of separateness from the physical world are transformed into feelings of connectedness and responsibility for it.

For all the grades, planting, caring for and harvesting a garden all provide simple but meaningful connections to the rhythms of nature and daily work, an inherent part of what it means to be human - the basis of the Waldorf Curriculum.
At Acaciawood, all the children have worked together to make a beautiful garden. The parents made the planting box, the children have planted it and have taken care of it, watering and harvesting the fruits and vegetables.

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