New Playground for Acaciawood!!

Our long overdue playground has now been built at Acaciawood. Last weekend saw a flurry of activity by the friends and parents of Acaciawood as we all came together to build a new playground. A big thanks again to all involved.

 In the spirit of what I think the internet was truely designed for, (the free exchange of ideas and knowledge), I have posted below, the design drawings for what we have built. If you would like to see a very cool time lapse photo record of the construction process, follow the link below to visit the Acaciawood Waldorf Facebook page... Enjoy!!!!!

Near the end of day1

Here are the drawings for the playground, and a list of materials we used, build at your own risk, and have fun, we sure did!

8 ft wide Climbing Wall, 8 ft high Monkey Bars

Dimensions: 14'W x 8'D; Approximate completion time is one weekend with lots of help.
Materials used:

12-25 Climbing grip Pieces
(7) galvanized 1 1/4”dia monkey bars 34” length and 1/2" holes near ends, and one 2’ trapeeze bar. 23 foot pipe total.
(14) 2” lag bolts ( for securing monkey bars)
60m of thick cotton rope.
(12) Hot-dipped, galvanized bolts 7” length, (24) washers, (12) nuts
Box of 3” Galvanized wood screws
Concrete (9) 50kg bags of concrete (one per post)
Linseed oil and brushes
Lumber Needed: (12) - 4x4x13'; (5) - 2x4x13'; (10) - 2x6x13' (wood comes in 13' lengths here in Dubai.)

Wheelbarrow, Ladder, Saws, Hammers, Power drills, Power sanders, lots of sandpaper,  shovels, socket/ Adjustable wrench(es).

Post Layout (click for large image)
Looking at the side view of Monkey Bars (click for large image)

Looking at the Climbing wall (click for large image)

Looking at the Ropes Course and stairs up to Monkey Bars. (click for large image)

All views