Acaciawood Grade 3 Building Project 2011

Taj's building project has been hovering in the background for most of this year . . . a little research here and a some digging there. Initial thoughts centred around a traditional Yurt, but as I was walking through our garden, Taj and Kai's desire for a treehouse kept echoing through my head.

We ran the idea of combining the building project with the "concept" of a treehouse by the boys and Kim . . . we had their buy-in. So the design got simplified from a Yurt with its circular shape, to a double storied square structure - we have no established trees, and square is far easier than circular.

Some consultation with more knowledgeable friends ensured that what Taj and I had in our heads was not only possible, but safe as well. Green light almost secured . . . when a Zen like moment happened. I was supposed to be meeting a friend who was an architect to ask about most appropriate building materials - the wind blew, waves were generated and the meeting was postponed. Later catching up over a coffee, we were spotted by another friend who saw the sketched design . . . they had just pulled up a deck and suddenly we had an awesome supply of recycled wood for building. How fortunate and awesome that the Universe managed the synchronicity and we had our building material.

Sanding of the recycled wood started in earnest and before long 6 of the 75 pieces of wood were done . . . umm, change in strategy, build first and sand after - minimizing the sanding required. Day One Complete.

Day Two - start with a surf and a skate with all the kids and Phil, the Chief Implementer, Building Consultant and Tool Owner all rolled into one. Some healthy debate followed on the building site before we each understood the others' vision . . . and the real construction started.

Taj and Cayman and Kai, measured and marked and before long the two side frames were built. Joining the two end pieces needed all hands on deck, but after that it was just a case of persisting and changing the screwdriver head once or twice as the kids and the amateur Dad stripped them . . . . but by the end of Day Two . . . we have the basics of the structure in place . . . the kids are stoked and the next steps are laid out . . . a few small steps during the week and then completion next weekend.

Much sanding and staining and sealing hopefully as well as putting in the framework for the roof and ballistrades.

Sadly I missed the core construction phases and especially the giving nature of Phil and Cayman who helped Taj, Kai and myself. Amends will be made next weekend.