A beautiful piece of weaving, a symbol of what it is to teach 7 children of varying ages.....

I look into the world in which the sun is shining.
In which the stars are sparkling
Where stones in stillness lie,
Where living plants are growing,
Where animals live in feeling,
And where human beings, within their souls, give dwelling to the spirit.
I look into the soul that lives within my being
The world creator weaves in sunlight and in soul light,
In world space there without,
In soul's depths here within.
To Thee, Creator spirit, I turn my heart to ask
That blessing and pure strength for learning and for work
Should ever flow within me.

Rudolph Steiner


  1. hi,
    i am really interested in what you are doing - can we get in touch? Have a 2 years old daughter and little scared of the school system here.. eva

  2. hi eva, please post your email or number so i can contact you........


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