Michaelmas watercolour painting
by Lanny


  1. Hello,

    I am the stay-at-home mother of an 18-month-old. We live in Sharjah (American University). I found your blog while looking for a nursery program in the UAE that fits my parenting philosophy.

    In the absence of a play co-operative or other parent-run nursery option, we recently registered our daughter for two mornings per week at the Australian International Nursery, which follows the Building Waterfalls curriculum.

    Though we are not currently looking at changing our nursery choice, I am interested in early childhood development and education and would like to learn about the Waldorf curriculum. Is it possible that my daughter and I could learn about your group?

    Thank you,
    Teresa Griffin
    resajoan @ gmail.com

  2. I would also like to learn more! I am the mother of a 16-month old, I know that is quite young, but I was raised in the Waldorf curriculum (pre-k through 8th), in the U.S., and would love my daughter to have something similar. We are in Abu Dhabi but may move to Dubai someday.
    Thank you,


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