"An Artistic Approach to Early Childhood" Weekend Workshop

We had a lovely time with Miriam at the weekend workshop!
It was nice to reconnect with some familiar faces and also connect with some fresh new faces!
With a wonderful mix of attendees, we came together to look more closely at approaching our children from an 'artistic' perspective. Allowing us as teachers, parents, and caregivers to work towards being able to truly meet our children's needs with with love, creativity and simplicity. Miriam also took us through a kindergarten Eid play, which was a magical experience for all!
It evoked a great ressonance bringing us one step closer towards universal spirituality and humanity.
The final topic of the day was the concept of freedom and responsibility. Waldorf education aims at educating our children to live in their greatness, and to make responsible choices out of free thinking.
We ended the day, like we started the day; by coming together in song. A multicultural voice for Eid, and the commonalilty we all share, humanity...
Thank you Miriam, for your heart-ful wisdom,
and thank-you to everyone who was able to attend and share a wonderful day together!