Waldorf Open Arms

is delighted to offer our 2nd weekend workshop with Miriam,
'An Artistic Approach to Early Childhood' Sept. 4-5th.

We are currently organizing up and coming events and workshops for the future.
Here is our September Schedule:

'An Artistic Approach to Early Childhood' Sept. 4-5th @ 9-2:30 both days.

'An Evening to discuss Teacher Training in Dubai' Sept. 1st @ 8pm

'Waldorf Education in India: An impression of the colourfullness of Waldorf education in India, with its multicultural, multireligious richdom, and spiritual ancient wisdom.' Sept.8th @ 8pm

If you would like any additional workshops/seminars available here in Dubai, I would love to hear from you. Additionally, if you would like to offer a workshop on any Waldorf topic, please email me to discuss further. Let's work together to bring Waldorf to the UAE.

Many blessings,Lanalle

- Waldorf Open Arms
'Dedicated to bringing Waldorf Education to the U.A.E'