Chiron 2009

Hello to all homeschoolers, especially those friends from Chiron.
The last 3 weeks since Chiron have flown by but the many words of wisdom received there this year are working their magic as I paint the classrooms in our new home and prepare the curriculum for the coming year.
Watercolour painting, drawing, music, eurythmy, child development, child study, caring for sick children and families at home, home remedies, adult development, recorder playing, form drawing were firmly packed into a week long course of intense learning, friendship, community building, support and fun...........Not to mention a couple of evenings of mad dash to downtown Toronto to buy school supplies for the coming year and enjoy the balmy summer evening sitting on a wine bar patio! A true must for any Waldorf mummy and teacher on tour! Thank you Gene for a truly wonderful week in Canada once again.
For me Chiron is a nurturing week that feeds my soul for the year to come . It brings me support and is a foundation for self development that enables me to grow as a teacher so that I may give of my best to the children...........The friends made there though many miles away are in my thoughts as we travel this journey together.

As the school year begins homeschoolers wherever you are, please join me in striving to bring the best of ourselves to our children, so that they may be filled with a true example of what it is to be a human being.

Teacher, Acaciawood Waldorf Initiative


  1. Hi there, I am very much interested in homeschooling my child- the Waldorf way. I would highly appreciate it if you could give me any leads, advice, book suggestions on the same. Also is it possible for us to meet sometime in the future to discuss homeschooling? In my heart I am positive I want this kind of environment for my child to grow and prosper but somehow in my mind I think I am not equipped enough to handle this very important process.

    Please do let me know.

  2. Hello Dee.........Can you give me a way to contact you? How old is your child?
    Deciding to homeschool is a huge decision, often life changing, overwhelming but also very liberating. There are many resourses available to help you.....I plan to post a propper list very soon but in the mean time have a look at www.christopherushomeschool.og
    This offers a Waldorf curriculum (kindergarten to grade 4) designed specifically for homeschoolers. I have used it for the last two years and it is an excellent way to start, with simple day to day lesson plans to follow. Have you read about Waldorf Open Arms on the blog? We are beginning a series of workshops in the next couple of weeks on Waldorf education, teaching, parenting etc. They are a wonderful way to listen to highly experienced speakers, meet other homeschoolers and share ideas, support and resourses. Watch the blog for exact dates and times coming up.
    Keep in touch, hope this helps as a start.

  3. correction of the website!


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