Biodynamic farming training in India

I just recently returned from a biodynamic farming training course at the BASIL Training Academy just outside of Mysore, India. By far, the best 4 days one could ever give themselves if you are at all interested in improving soil, soul, and society.

It was very inspiring to see such an eclectic group of students, all with different reasons for taking the course. There were IT professionals from Bangalore looking for a life change; large scale plantation managers looking to go green; marginal farmers interested in the concept but wary to take the plunge to chemical free farming; two 12 year old girls full of questions and vigor to save the world; a PHD researcher studying how organic and biodynamic ideas are brought to the Indian farmers; people from Waldorf and Camphill schools, a Doctor, a Landscape Architect (me) and many others.

The setting is sublime and the instructors are a wealth of knowledge. This demonstration farm and training center was championed by Peter Proctor, a guru of the Biodynamic farming movement who literally wrote the book on biodynamic farming in India. In his mid 80's, he has recently left the academy to go back to New Zealand, but another amazing biodynamics guru , David Hogg, is overseeing the course delivery and hands on experience.

If you ever want to watch an amazing documentary, get ahold of " One Man, One Cow One Planet". It is about Peter Proctor and his influence in the Indian Biodynamic movement in the context of the global agricultural revolution.

Here is the link to the Biodynamic Association of India. The info on this course is there along with all sorts of other great stuff on biodynamic farming in India.

Now I just have to figure out where to find some cow horns, a good source of quality cow manure here in Dubai and we'll be up to our elbows in the stuff with the kids out in the gardens at school. Camel crap is our second option.



  1. My friend sent me Peter Proctor's CD from NZ and I was blown away! I am originally from India and it was amazing. My dream is to have my own biodynamic farm. I am in Dubai now and I had enquired about the Waldorf training workshop. Whereabouts of your group in Dubai?

  2. Glad to hear it! I think that video has an inspiring effect on all who watch it but you being from India it must have made real sense. Hope I answered your Waldorf training questions in my previous post.


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